The Crew

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Anderson Pugash:


Anderson Pugash threw his first party before he was even allowed in a bar. That inauspicious beginning proved to be the catalyst in the slow process of straying away from finance (his major) and to the fun (but less lucrative) field of hospitality. He started by founding an annual fundraiser called The San Francisco Social, which raises money and awareness for local charities, in order to honor his father, whom he lost to pancreatic cancer. Soon after that, he teamed up with high school friend and rowing buddy Nick Hudson to found “Anderson+Nick.” Despite their differences in demeanor, these two friends proved great partners and soon cultivated a large following who loved their zany and unique events. Anderson continued to follow his passion and other interests, becoming a limited partner in local bars and restaurants and joining the Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority as a commissioner at age 24. After a couple years of throwing parties, Anderson realized they had hit a crossroad- it was time to either go big or go home. He chose the first option, realizing he had stumbled on a good name at the same time. Thus Crossroads was born.

Anderson received his B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of Business in 2008. He is president of the Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority, founder of the San Francisco Social and serves on numerous event and charity committees.

Mat Mullen:


Mat holds an odd yet unique role at an entertainment and events company. Another Bay Area native, Mat found himself back in San Francisco after graduating from Bucknell University in the good old Amish country of Pennsylvania. During college he founded an early mobile app company that taught him the ins and outs of online marketing and consumer tech.

Mat is in charge of “all things tech” at Crossroads and puts his ginga ninja-like tech skills to use keeping the event emails flowing and the CR website up-to-date. He also holds down a full time job doing business development at a startup in San Francisco called Disqus.  If you think that’s interesting, you should check out his Gudaitis filled blog.

Jack Herr:


Jack Herr once made SportsCenter by organizing a large scale Pirates versus Vikings Battle in McCovey Cove during a 2009 San Francisco Giants home game. Afraid of going the route of Macaulay Culkin and peaking at too early an age, he soon realized he needed something to supplement his real estate career. As a lifelong Bay Area native, he had already been a regular at Anderson+Nick parties – not to mention a childhood friend of Anderson – so he thought he’d give nightlife a go. He found the transition to Crossroads came naturally, and the events world provided an opportunity to branch out while enjoying the synergies between real estate, bars and nightlife. Jack graduated Pepperdine in 2010.

Pacific Disco:

What happens when you merge the talents of a former prodigal classical violinist and an encyclopedic audiophile? Well, some of the best dance music on Earth. Summing up their eastern heritage and their desire to let no dance floor go unconquered, DJs Lauren Canas and Nicolas Birnbaum teamed up to form the SF-based “Pacific Disco”. Renowned for their uncanny ability to get people moving with nontraditional and unexpected beats, the duo are constantly innovating, combining the best of electronic, nu-disco, synth pop, hip-hop and more. Their shared passion for music has formed the bedrock of their friendship since youth, and Crossroads is fortunate to have their talents at their events, where they inspire late night revelers to have the time of their life.

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